Space Saving Bedroom Ideas for Teens

A teenager’s room is a big part of their personality and must satisfy a number of their needs. It is a place they can go to if they want to be alone, a place to hang out with friends and a place to study and learn. Maximizing space in a teen’s room can sometimes be a difficult task considering all the functions the room has to fulfil.

Tips for creating space in your teen’s room

You can create extra space in your teen’s room by following these easy ideas.

1. Loft bed with desk

A loft bed with a desk is a perfect way to save space in your teen’s room. Not only does this take up less space than a normal bed and desk would, but most teenagers would love the idea of sleeping in a loft bed every night. A loft bed/desk combo is the perfect way to give your teen a place to sleep, to study and just to relax in the comfort of their own room.

The loft bed/desk combination is available in various configurations, so finding one that your teen likes shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Room design and placement of furniture

A great way to ensure you save space in your teen’s bedroom is to place all furniture against one section of wall. This will include the bed, desk and all storage space. Not only will this free up space in the rest of the room, but everything your teen needs will be in close proximity to them.

Loft beds with a desk and storage space option are perfect for this.

3. Mount the TV

Most teen’s have TV’s in their rooms these days. Although TV’s have gotten much smaller with the introduction of flat screen technology, they still take up a lot of space when placed on some type of furniture piece. Often the furniture piece is only there to hold the TV. Not only will mounting the TV on a wall look great, but it will ensure even more space in the room.

4. Wall mounted shelving

Create storage options in your teen’s room by placing shelving on the walls. Not only does this free up floor space, but it has a great modern look to it, something your teen will appreciate. The shelving is a perfect place for them to keep their books, console games, CD’s, music system and any other item they see fit to put there.

Wall shelving comes in many varieties so be sure to discuss with your teen to determine the right shelving for their needs.

5. Using Hooks

Such a simple trick and costing next to nothing, placing wall hooks in a corner of the room is an easy way to create more space and to ensure your teen has a place to hang anything they might normally throw on the ground. This can include school bags, sports kit bags and back packs.

Wall hooks can also be very useful for storing musical instruments, skateboards and sports equipment, ensuring even more floor space.

These are just a few tips you can follow to help free up space in your teen’s room.