Space Saving Bedroom Ideas for Kids

A kid’s room – normally cluttered with toys, books, junk and somewhere in all that mess, children! The room never seems big enough for all the things we try to cram into it, beds, cupboards, desks and storage space.

5 Space saving tips

All is not lost! You can create some more space in your child’s room by following these five easy space saving tips.

    1. Make use of bunk beds

    Bunk beds are probably the easiest, most convenient and more importantly cheap way of immediately creating some space in your children’s room.

    A bed is normally one of the bulkiest movable items in any room. Replacing two standard beds for a bunk bed setup creates space that can be utilised for other important furniture that your children might need for example, a study desk.

    Bunk beds come in a number of different configurations and are made from either wood or metal. Each configuration has its own unique advantages and it will be up to you to decide which to purchase to help create the space you need. Bunk beds with a built in storage unit for clothes or bedding can help save even more space in the room.

    2. Make use of shelving

    Shelving is a simple yet affordable space saving technique. Instead of a bulky toy-box in the room, place shelving at a height that can be utilised by your children. Encourage them to put their toys neatly on the shelves, displaying them when they are not playing with them. This will also motivate them to play with all the toys you have bought for them as they are all in reach and not lying at the bottom of an overfull toy-box!

    Shelving in the right positions on a wall can also remove the need for dressers or nightstands freeing up even more floor space in the room.

    3. Book Storage

    Select an area of a room to make your children’s library. This library however will take the form of shelves mounted on the bedroom wall.
    Place the books with their covers facing outwards, thus making it easy for your child to find a book as they can see the cover. This will also take up much less space than a conventional bookcase.

    4. Build overhead cupboard space

    Overhead cupboards are another great way to utilize space in a room, especially if placed above the bed. They can be used to store all seasonal bedding and clothing currently not in use. Place bunk beds or a bed in the area underneath to maximize the space saving in the room, creating much more area for your children to play in.

    5. Room dividers

    Room dividers are a functional way of creating space in your child’s room. You can use space saving dual purpose furniture as a perfect room divider for example a bookcase doubling as a desk.

    Although it might seem like a daunting task, you can create more space in your children’s room with a little planning and some creative thinking!