How to Make Use of a Spare Room

Spare rooms are often not utilized to their full potential in our households. They might have an old bed in them but they are never used as a guestroom, or we put all our odds and ends in them and make sure we keep the door closed when guests visit!

Spare rooms are a great space to use for something different in your home. Here are a few ideas to help you fully utilize your spare room.

Spare room ideas

Turn your spare room into one of these useful additions to your home.

1. Guest room and study

Multipurpose functionality is a great way to get the most out of a spare room. One of the ways to do this would be to use it as a guest room but also as a study when no guests are visiting.

This can be achieved by having a double loft bed with a desk covering both room functions. Loft beds are often seen as an adult version of bunk beds, perfect for anyone who might visit and sleep overnight.

When the guest room is not in use, the desk area can be used as a working area for your children, a reading area or a small office.

2. Music Room

If you have any budding musicians at home you will be familiar with finding musical equipment left all over the place or impromptu jam sessions in your lounge while you are trying to watch your favourite movie!

Why not turn your spare room into a music room, a place to keep all your families musical instruments as well as a place for them to practice. Remember if any of the musical equipment is amplified, you might need to apply sound proofing to the room.

3. Home gym

Does your family take their fitness seriously? Are they regular gym goers? Why not bring the exercise home by turning your spare room into a home gym.

Make sure to have the room dimensions when deciding what fitness equipment to put in it as you do want everything to fit. Decorate the room with motivational posters, mirrors and any fitness/running medals you may have received from other fitness pursuits.

Make sure you provide storage space for equipment that can be packed away keeping your gym neat. Fans are also important to help keep you cool while you are burning calories. Now you can keep fit in the luxury of your own home!

4. Library

The perfect idea for book lovers! Turn your spare room into a beautiful library. Often books are shoved into boxes and stored out of the way once read. This is a perfect way to show off your book collection and to have a nice quiet place to read.

Place bookcases or bookshelves along the wall filled with all your books. Put them into categories and label each section, this way any visitors to your library will know where to find each book type.

Make sure there are extremely comfortable chairs for people to sit, read and relax on.

5. Man Cave

Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea, a man cave is a great option for a spare room (after much negotiation with your significant other!)

Man caves are a perfect place to hang out with friends, watch sports, play games and relax.

Man caves can be decorated in a number of ways, but perhaps the most common is in a favourite sports team’s colours, sport memorabilia on display and of course a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall to watch the team play.

Other important features can include a bar, game console, comfortable seating and if you have the space, a pool table.

These are just a few options on how to use your spare room space in your home.