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Why buy your bunk beds online from us?

So, you’ve decided to buy bunk beds! This is usually an exciting time for a family because it often means a transition is happening. Whether it be moving house, siblings moving into the same room or just an upgrade of room decor. You are likely to be transitioning into something new and bunks are an excellent solution to many different problems.

So, making the decision to buy a bunk bed is the easy part. Now you have to decide which type to get and I think you will be amazed at the choices available to you. Choosing the right type of bunk for you and your family really depends on your needs. A quick read of the options below and you will have a much better idea which bed is best for you.

Single Bunks
These are the traditional beds that come to mind – one twin bed stacked on top of the other. These are the most popular model and often used for young siblings sleeping in the same room so as to maximise the space in that room. However, they might also be used for a single child in the family who loves to have sleepovers. No longer will you have to pull out that annoying trundle bed!

Double Bunks
These can also be used for kids but are also useful in holiday homes. They either consist of one double bed on top of another double, or a single on top of a double. These bunks are ideal when you have one sibling older than the other but still need to save on space. The older sibling can be tempted bunk in with the younger by offering them the chance of a double bed!

Triple Bunks
The super space saving option! If you are tight on space and have three youngsters then this is an excellent choice. Triple bunks are either three singles stacked on top of one another, or a double on the bottom and a single up top. These beds are fabulous fun for kids and a massive space-saver for adults, so everyone wins!

Loft Beds
In our opinion, loft bunk beds are a wonderful invention! These are beds with only the top bunk leaving the space where the bottom bunk would normally go free to be used for something else. They are ideal for small rooms, where space is precious, or even just for novelty value. These beds come in a variety of different options

With a Desk
A bunk with a desk is the most popular option. These beds provide a novel loft bed for your child to snuggle up in at night and a little study nook for their homework. Trust us, kids loooove these beds!

With a Couch
Another wonderful invention is the bunk with a couch down below. This is another favourite with kids, giving them somewhere to hang out in their bedroom.

Double Loft
Many people have a spare room in the house and agonise over whether to use it for a study or a guest room. Most people end up using it as a study and then when a guest comes to stay they awkwardly add a mattress to the floor or the study. A double loft bed solves both of these problems. You can have a nice double bed for your guests up top and a study nook for your family to use underneath!

So you can see, when it comes to bunks, there are so many options available to you. We hope you enjoy browsing our store to find the best option for your home and your family. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Buying Bunk Beds Online
Some people are put off the idea of buying big items such as beds online, because they are so big. However we think that big items are exactly the type of thing you should buying online. Would you rather traipsed around a bunch of stores on your precious days off looking for the perfect bunks and then have to figure out how the heck you are going to get them home? Or… shop from the comfort of your home from a store who specialises in bunks and have them deliver it right to your door? I know what I’d prefer!

Happy shopping!